Proudly Teaching Ed Parker's American Kenpo
In the Parker/Planas Lineage

Teaching in Storm Lake, Iowa as well as through the
Buena Vista University Kenpo Karate Club

Universal Kenpo Karate Dojos offers the absolute best in martial arts education. It was over 10 years ago that Mr. Hughes began teaching on the Buena Vista University campus as a student. Since his graduation, it continued under various instructors throughout these years. We are once again incredibly excited to have Mr. Hughes, UKK's head instructor, back on campus.

This site is designed to help link students to the valuable resources they will need. Right hear on line, as we develop the site, you will be able to find class schedules, events calendars, curriculum sheets, important background information on your instructors, and the history of our unique and powerful art American Kenpo Karate!