"Those who dare to teach must never cease to learn!"

Our Instructor

Mr. Joshua Meredith
2nd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Meredith's training began in 1996 as a sophomore at Buena Vista University before the Kenpo club was even sanctioned by the university. It was under the instruction of Mr. Clint Hughes, and Mr. Meredith was present for nearly every class. In his second year, he was teaching some beginner classes and tutored other students who wanted to review material. He has been and continues to be a student of Mr. Hughes to this day.

Since graduation, he has had to travel for training, going to the Lafayette UKK school for classes until Mr. Hughes moved away. He has also traveled throughout the Midwest for seminars with the like of Mr. Richard "Huk" Planas, Zach Whitson, Dave Hebler, Sean Kelley and others.

Mr. Meredith started teaching American Kenpo in Cedar Rapids to spread the art of Kenpo throughout the Midwest as well as give people who were interested another choice in self-defense instruction.

In addition to teaching classes, Mr. Meredith is also the creator and administrator of the most popular Kenpo site on the Internet, the KenpoNet.