Star Block Set
Under Yellow Belt Curriculum

The concepts focused on in this set are those of "Point of Origin." In other words, you do not have to re-chamber to execute another block. You can instantly and quickly turn one block into another. Try to imagine a star as you do this.

1. Start from a meditative horse stance facing 12 o’clock.

2. Execute a left upward block.

3. Leaving your hand as the focal point, turn it into a left inward block.

4. From the inside, rotate at the shoulder so now it is a left extended outward block.

5. From there, circle it down until it is a left downward block.

6. From there, go into reverse motion and execute a left inward downward block.

7. Execute a left back elbow strike.

8. Execute a left push-down block.

9. Chamber.

10. Repeat on the opposite side, using the same sequence of blocks with the right arm.